High Voltage Tester / Cable Tester - KPG 25kV

The KPG 25kV is a universal High Voltage Test Device. It is extremely robust, but also lightweight, compact and easily portable. Thanks to an internal rechargeable battery the KPG 25kV enables mains-independent testing. Capacitive loads, such as shielded power cables, will be properly and automatically discharged in case of an error or at the end of testing time by the integrated discharge device. Key switch, switch-on interlock and a protective ground circuit ensure maximum safety.

Field of application:

  • Testing at re-commissioning of cable systems or High Voltage systems after maintenance and repair
  • Testing of newly installed cables and cable joints before commissioning
  • Voltage testing at cable sheath
  • Testing of electrical equipment
Technical data KPG 25kV
Power supply
  • internal rechargeable battery
  • mains, switchable 115/230 V ; 50-60 Hz
  • external DC voltage source 11...15 V DC
Output voltage 0 ... 25 kV DC , infinitely adjustable
negative polarity
ripple < 0,25%
Rated output current 1.5 mA at max. output voltage, electronically limited
Battery operation at full load 45 min
Discharge integrated automatic discharge device
6000 J (19.2 µF at 25 kV)
Voltage measuring range 0 ... 30 kV
Current measuring ranges 0 ... 200 µA / 0 ... 2 mA
manual or automatic switching between ranges
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
-25 °C ... +55 °C
-40 °C ... +70 °C
Weight 14 kg incl. battery
Dimensions (W x H x D) 473 x 152 x 275 mm


  • Easy operation
  • Robust construction, low weight
  • Mains-independent by internal rechargeable battery
  • Integrated timer, 1 … 30min
  • Integrated discharge device
  • Internal battery charger, deep discharge protection
  • Stabilized output voltage, infinitely adjustable
  • Voltage measurement direct at HV output
  • Output short-circuit-proof
  • Travelling-wave protection
  • Protective ground circuit

Scope of supply

  • Device incl. rechargeable battery
  • Protective bag with cable storage
  • High voltage cable (shielded), 3m
  • Ground cable for station ground, 3m
  • Ground cable for protective ground, 3m
  • Mains lead
  • Cables for external DC supply
  • User manual